great new start to the term

Well, it’s November 2015 and that means a start to the half-term after three (yes, three) weeks off. We have two new faces (welcome Philippa and Jackie) and two (potentially three or four) who are moving up to the senior group.

This is great news, and whilst their enthusiastic participation will be missed, it’s good that the beginners group is serving its purposes, which are:

  • boot-strap people up to the next group
  • give those that want to not go up, somewhere nice to come for a play and a sing

So, I’m enjoying teaching this term, and we have started on Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel. It’s going to be epic, and we’re going to mess with it a bit and keep it raucous.

I’m particularly inspired by this cover below by Local Natives:


Summer concert season is over – a review of the year

Well, we made it to the end of the summer concert, with one or two informal concerts, a formal one, and an excellent session at the York Ukulele festival. This was an excellent event, lots of GREAT groups with a huge mix of styles, hosted in a pub. What’s more, Red Cow had engaged an excellent set of ents managers and the sound quality was great. It’s difficult to sing when you don’t have good feedback.

we are lined up for a great birthday concert for one of our members in October, and we are lined up for the Harrogate Club in November.

The beginners group has gone incredibly well, with only a couple of drop-outs. We’ve gone from a gentle start with Tennessee Waltz, to getting deeply into playing “Five Years Time” by Noah and the Whale. It’s a great sone – sounds simple but is actually very layered. It seems to have only three chords, but the strumming pattern is complex enough to make it a challenge.

We’ve had one social and there are more to follow.

Finally, Music Centre is moving from Harrogate High (which is being rebuilt) to St Aidan’s. It’s going be a interesting week or two whilst we find our feet in the new venue.