Over My Shoulder

Also simple enough to play is Over my Shoulder, by Mike and the Mechanics.
This one is Em7 A D repeated for the verses C G F G (x3) Am Bb for the chorus. Capo comes in handy for this – if you want to sing along to the original capo on 1st fret and you are sorted. Otherwise look for the Paul Carrack version (Live from Abby Road) as that’s in the same Key as the chords above.

I’ll see if I can work out the twiddly bits later on.

That’s Entertainment

When I was out last night I heard That’s Entertainment by The Jam,¬†It sounded pretty simple to play so I’ve looked it up on a guitar tabs site, and transposed it by a tone, to make the chords easier. So It’s just C Am through the verses and Dm A# when he’s singing¬†That’s Entertainment.

Okay it’s really simple, but it’s great to sing along to. You can find the lyrics form any Google search, and it’s on YouTube here but as I’ve transposed it you can’t play along – sorry. You’ll also notice that they play a more complex version, but hey – they’ve been practicing!

The Cave

I been learning The Cave, by Mumford and Sons. But from the guitar parts rather than the version for uke. The version I have is based on G and Em but on the guitar should be played with capo on 4th Fret (so it’s 3 semi-tones higher than the original), but I’m playing without the capo. (Ok, I admit it, I did go buy a capo for my uke as well just in case)
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John The Revelator

Here are a couple of very different versions of John The Revelator. The Depeche Mode version is a live video (they didn’t formally release a video, just the live version).

And Curtis Stigers. Michael – I didn’t know about Curtis Stigers – I’m off to buy this today – this sounds incredible.