Beginners Group

  1. Where do you meet? We meet every Saturday morning, term time, at Harrogate High School. Park up in the main car park and then make your way into the main performing arts block (it’s not easy to miss – there’ll be lots of people going in lugging instruments in that general direction). From there, follow your ears, or just ask. Odds are you’ll meet a member of the parents association (look out for their uke bags) and they’ll sign post you.
  2. Do I have to read music? No. We’re starting very gently with a much simplified notation, with the chords written above the words. As we progress as a group some may wish to pick up the general notation we use, which is a simplified notation called tablature (generally referred to as tab). As you progress, you will find tab quite easy to work with, but there’s no pressure.
  3. Do I get given the group’s music? Yes. The music we learn as a group will be provided.
  4. Do I get individual tuition in the group? Not as such, no. Group learning is a great way to learn, and generally you should be able to progress as you need to. Of course the lessons will be sure everything is clear, and if you miss something, you can always ask at the end. We will also have players in supporting from the advanced group, who can help you as well.
  5. How long are the lessons? They are 75 minutes long, starting at 9:30.
  6. How much does it cost? The Harrogate Music Centre fee schedule is here. See the link at the bottom right corner of the page. Lessons are charged for a full term.
  7. Are there grades? Nope. We play and learn for fun.
  8. What about progression? As the group progresses and the dynamic settles in, we can look at stretching those that want it. It may be that over time, playing in the advanced group may be for you. It is hoped that the beginners group works well to boot-strap those that want to play in the advanced group.  We will be learning some of the songs the advanced group started with as beginners all those years ago. These are the songs that are still regularly played by the group, so if you join it, you will already be familiar and able to hit the ground running.
  9. What if I miss something in a lesson? Relax. You’ll pick it up.
  10. Do I have to perform in concerts? No. The advanced group does, and if you want to perform, we can talk about that. It is encouraged, but we know that this will put some people off, and that’s the last thing we want to do.
  11. Can I get help outside of the group? The first ukulele group created (and still has) a dynamic email support where ideas and tips are swapped. We hope this will evolve with the new group as well.
  12. Will every song we learn be harder than the last? No. Each song doesn’t need to include new technique. Learning multiple songs well is also progress. We will be sure you have the right technique to progress, because bad habits can hold you back.
  13. Can I stay in this group, or do I have to move up after a certain amount of time? No. Stay, play, enjoy yourself.

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