The Cave

I been learning The Cave, by Mumford and Sons. But from the guitar parts rather than the version for uke. The version I have is based on G and Em but on the guitar should be played with capo on 4th Fret (so it’s 3 semi-tones higher than the original), but I’m playing without the capo. (Ok, I admit it, I did go buy a capo for my uke as well just in case)

I think I have the twiddly bits done at the start (within reason as the uke doesn’t have the same range) but coming back to the twiddly bits after strumming the chorus sections is hard. Would be a great with a mix of picking and strumming. Anyone fancy singing it? I definitely can’t cope with playing a singing it at the same time.

1. The Cave - First attempt     
2. The Cave new version     
It’s mostly chords we know (C D G Em) so should be simple enough to strum alongside to. / just means strum the previous chord; the ones in brackets you can add if you like on the a-string; the ‘ is a C added to the G chord. The D is best played with an open A-String if you can.
[verse part]
| Em / G / | Em / G / | Em / G D | G /'/ / |
| Em / G / | Em / G / | Em / G D | G /'/ / |
[chorus part]
| G(d) / C G | G(d) / C G | C G D / |
| Am7(e) / C G | Am7(e) / C G | C G D / |

Also, if you want to, on the G’s before each Em, you can pull off the high B to an open A-string, Dave 🙂

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